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When to Have Your Eyes Examined

Eyes being the most important part of the body require adequate care. You need to take good care of your eyes starting with going for a regular eye exam.

Comprehensive eye exams after a couple of years help you diagnose any problems in their initial stages. These problems if magnified can be very problematic to solve later and may cost you your vision as well.

Here is an overview of when children and adults must have their eyes examined:


As children receive most of the information in school, visually, it makes sense to get their eyes checked when they start.

The first test should be when they are six months old, the second when they are three and the third exam should be when they start going to school.

After that, you can get the child’s eye exam near me after every two years till the age of 18.

However, if the children are prone to risks of eye disease due to any of the following reasons, you must get their eyes checked even before six months of age. These risk factors include:

  • Developmental delays
  • Low birth weight or history of premature weight
  • Mother being infected with venereal disease, rubella or herpes during pregnancy
  • Crossed or turned eyes
  • High refractive error
  • History of eye disease in the family


After attaining the adulthood after the age of 18, people should get an eye exam near me after every two years. They can go for an annual eye exam if they suffer from an eye disease or wear corrective lenses of any type.

Those adults that are at risk of contacting an eye problem must go for frequent eye exam near me. The risk factors that adults should take care of include:

  • Family history of eye disease like macular degeneration, glaucoma etc
  • High blood pressure or diabetes
  • Previous eye surgery or injury
  • Occupation that demands too much of visual concentration
  • Medicines that can have eye related side effects

Even adults that are using contact lenses or corrective lenses must get their eyes examined regularly.

Finding a good optometrist near me should be your priority as this would ensure that you are getting the right treatment. Look for a reputed and experienced eye doctor so that any mild problems too are taken care of when they are in their initial stages.

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